Aqualibrium Triangle Gets A Makeover!

the Guerrilla Gardeners!

The area known as the Aqualibrium Triangle, next to the bus terminus, is being returned to its former glory.

Funded by CHORD, the area was maintained by the Council, but due to cutbacks the decision was made to remove the plants and grass the area over.

In stepped the Guerrilla Gardeners!

A group of wonderful ladies took over maintenance and have been meeting every Tuesday morning to weed and tend the area.
They were given £200 by Campbeltown Community Council to buy new plants to replace the old ones.

The group, consisting of Catherine Dobbie, Liz Kennedy (not pictured), Alison Fox and Elizabeth Marrison, are winding down for the season but will be looking for new recruits to join them come the spring.

I’m sure you’ll agree they are a fine example of how to overcome an issue by getting together with like-minded people and doing it themselves.

Well done ladies!