Daft About Craft

Daft about Craft

A partnership between SKDT and Shopper Aide and Woodlands resource Centre to provide craft sessions in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where we can support and encourage each other to work creatively (and have fun!)

craft group

Members come together to share the experience of working with craft materials, learn new skills and make something special to take home, showcase or sell to raise funds.
The following outcomes are achieved:

  • Skill sets are enhanced, increasing¬† job prospects
  • Bonds are built between generations and social isolation is reduced
  • Self-esteem is improved and people have a sense of purpose
  • A structured environment helps set goals and leads towards fulfilment and contentment
  • Increased activity has a positive impact on physical, mental and emotional well-being
  • The group works toward a common purpose and decision making is inclusive

We believe that it is imperative that the people themselves take the lead and work together towards creating a healthier and more sustainable community for all.

If you would like more information about any of our projects please contact us or give us a ring on 01586 552870